In software as medium what once used to be physical materials have become data structures, which are acted upon with and subsequently performed by algorithms. Thereby algorithms offer new ways how data can be visualised, look at and experienced. Poetic data is an ongoing series of software experiments.
Places as sound patterns
Sound amplitude data of a specific geographical place over a set period of time is mapped around a circle. Over time a specific sound pattern of this place starts to emerge.  
The  underlying algorithm exists in two different versions: One that draws the sound pattern consecutively and one that draws the pattern accumulatively over time.

Consecutive mapping, time lapse animation 30 Minutes compressed to 30 Seconds

Accumulative mapping, time lapse animation 30 Minutes compressed to 30 Seconds

Intermixing  images
A digital image is a set of pixels, each with a specific colour value and place on screen. This makes it possible to calculate the average colour value of the pixels of images stored in a database.
Images are blended into each other over time. Different segments of the images are blended at different pace. This creates an animated endless loop of ever-changing juxtapositions and intermixings.

Homepage the Guardian, 6th May 2021, endless loop

Homepage Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 10th May 2021, endless loop

Random image calling, mixed data set, endless loop

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