The exhibition Abstraction-now was curated with the aim to show current tendencies of abstract art, focusing on painting, interactive media and film.
The visual identity stresses the systematic and process-oriented approach of much of the work on show. A square appearing either in black, white or in greys serves as the key-visual.
On the website the square defines the space for the navigation, which is organised around the alphabetic list of the exhibiting artists. By selecting one of the different sections of the exhibition – painting/sculpture, interactive media or film – only the artists in the respective section are listed. Resulting in playful typographic compositions defined by chance.
The exhibition poster was conceived as a series. Where each poster is printed in one colour only – either in black, white or one of eight greys in between.
re-p (Nik Thönen and Maia Gusberti)
Webpage coding: Michael Aschauer
Scope of work
Visual identity
Interface design
Künstlerhaus Vienna
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