Studio Lorenz Tschopp is a graphic design practice with a main focus on the creation of identity, design language and information design solutions. The work is delivered across all points of communication: digital, environmental and printed. At its foundation lies the believe that content and how it is expressed by the means of design are deeply interconnected.

SLT developes concept driven design tuned to the particular content and informed by the specific context. We further believe that effective design is best achieved in a committed relationship with our clients. When we start work on a project we try to get right to the heart of it. We edit out all the unnecessary bits and try to make work what is specific, original and memorable.

The studio is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and works with an international perspective. If you would like to know more about who we are, what we do and the thinking behind it please get in touch:
Sihlquai 131
8005 Zurich

+41 79 885 52 56

About Lorenz Tschopp
Lorenz Tschopp founded SLT. He studied visual communication at the University of the Arts in Bern, Switzerland. There he completed his studies with summa cum laude. His final project, on the subject of mapping, formed the basis for a research thesis published one year later in collaboration with Dorian Minnig and Reto Bürkli.

Upon completing his studies Lorenz left Switzerland to work for the Frankfurt based company Surface before moving to London to join Nick Bell Design – a design studio mainly focusing on graphic design for architectural situations (signage and exhibition design). After he went on to work at Jannuzzi Smith developing identity programmes. In Switzerland he worked for TGG Hafen Senn Stieger – a studio with an international reputation for typographic excellence.

Lorenz’s most notable work is for culture and public institutions. Among others he worked for clients such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, Wellcome Collection (Wellcome Trust), The Institution of Structural Engineers, Film festival Locarno and The Royal Collage of Art. More recently he worked for clients such as The Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Gottfried Keller-Stiftung, the publisher Niggli and the Federal Art Collection of Switzerland (the largest collection of art and design from Switzerland).
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