Nick Bell design is an internationally respected design studio. While working at Nick Bell Design I developed a concept for the website of the company.
The aim was to present the work in a way that the expertise behind the work is understood to be transferable and applicable to a wide range of different projects, contexts and sectors.
To achieve this, the content of the website is structured and organised so that the work was accessed via a list of words that describe what the work does (e.g.: identify, entertain, mediate, contextualise, etc.). Other than the list of verbs the work can be further accessed through a second list of fields of practice. 
The main navigation consists of the list of verbs and the list of fields of practice. The single projects are represented by a row of thumbnails. Whereby the two lists and the rows of thumbnails interact together. The actual showcasing the projects takes place on a second level. There individual pieces of work can be seen in their entirety and are linked to other, related projects.
Nick Bell Design
Scope of work
Concept information architecture and and interface design
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