LimaDeltaRomeo is a research project undertaken at and published by the University of the Arts Bern, Switzerland. It looks at the question of how our perception of, and concepts about space are communicated through (geographical) maps and different strategies of mapping. In this project, maps are thereby not merely considered as a means of orientation, but as images communicating our ideas and our understanding of the space and as tools of world marking.
The project is split into two parts – a theoretical research and a model.
The model LimaDeltaRomeo is an imaginary place that only comes into existence through a system of related representations. It serves as a testing ground for different forms of mapping, where each map, each visual is a representation of a data snapshot.
The result of the entire research is published as a book. To show the relationship between text and images a specific system for cross-referencing was developed.
 Exhibition at Fri-Art, centre for contemporary art in Fribourg, Switzerland
Project partners:
In collaboration with Dorian Minnig and Reto Bürkli
Published by the University of the Arts Bern, Switzerland
Scope of work:
Research, writing & publishing
Data visualisation
Editorial concept & design

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