Biviofilms is an independent film company founded by actress and screenwriter Viola von Scarpatetti.
Nearing the completion of their first feature Film, the Swiss-Canadien co-production Fly in Fly out, I was asked to design the visual identity for the company and the poster for Fly in Fly out.
From the outset the visual identity was designed to be predominantly used on screen. The result is a logotype where the single letters referencing film frames. The different variations of the single letters allow for a multitude of variations of the logotype. For the use on social media a concise shorthand logogram complements the logotype.

Animation by Marlon Candeloro (art direction: Lorenz Tschopp)

Biviofilms, Viola von Scarpatetti
Scope of work
Concept and design visual identity
Art direction of the logo animation
Design of a film poster
Project partner
Logo animation: Marlon Candeloro

Further Projects

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