Demenz Zürich is an online platform bringing together a community of people affected by dementia and Alzheimer ’s disease – relatives, friends, carers or directly affected.
For this platform I designed a visual identity consisting of a flexible logotype, a typeface (Sauna by Dutch type label Underware), a colour palette, a set of pictograms and a set of emojis.
The logotype is a decomposition of the the word Demenz Zürich (German for Dementia Zurich). Gaps between single elements of the name allude to either the gaps of memories or the gaps humans affected by dementia leave in their surrounding – their partners, families or friends. The colour palette and the typography are informal and therefore approachable. Thus to create a counterweight to the seriousness of the diseases.  The set of emojis indicating sudden mood swings compliments the visual identity.

The visual identity applied to the website (website by Kampagnons)

Demenz Zürich 
Scope of work
Concept and design visual identity
Webseite: Kampagnons

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