Uster Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of instruments for quality controlling and certification for the textile industry. Headquartered in Switzerland it has six regional service centres located in Europe, the United States and Asia, and 50 representative offices around the world.
A refresh of its visual identity was undertaken with the aim to provide the company with a visual identity that reflects the company as a provider of high-tech.
A core aspects of the refresh was an image library of high quality images. The clear and precise image style reflects the rigour and quality of its instrument and services.
Previously dominated by red, the colour palette was changed to become more neutral and with a strong emphasis on white space. Red remains the main corporate colour but is used sparingly and for emphasise only. A red marker draws attention to headings. The palette is complemented by a set of additional colours for information graphics. These are inspired by the electronic components (e.g. sensors) of Uster’s measuring instruments.

Photography: Lorenz Tschopp

To promote consistency across Uster Technologies’ communicative output, the company was provided with a flexible toolbox. This toolbox consists of basic elements (e.g. fonts, colours), modular content components and a set of flexible grids. A set of guidelines supports the implementation.

Excerpts from the guidelines

Uster Technologies
Scope of work
Concept and design visual identity refresh
Design of various implementations 
Development and design of the design system
Writing and design of guidelines
Project partner
Photography of measuring instruments and factories: Julien Vonier

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