A shambolic implementation
Usually our relationships with clients last for a long time, more often then not many years and are governed by mutual respect – producing results all can be proud of. Unfortunately this was not the case in this project. More often then not we where not provided with vital information needed and the client refused to engage in any meaningful process. In short – we are totally unhappy with the implementation of this project. It does not reflect remotely the work of we handed over, not in terms of the integrity of the layout, nor in the information architecture. But unfortunately the implementation was not under our control.
Here we show an extract of our original design intentions.
About the project
The aim of the website schweizerkulturpreise.ch (Swiss Cultural Awards) is to create a common archive and one point of entry to seven different cultural awards: Swiss Art Awards, Swiss Film Awards, Swiss Literature Awards, Swiss Dance Awards, Swiss Music Awards, Swiss Theatre Awards, Swiss Design Awards.
So far all the different awards had their own website. SLT was tasked to design a navigational structure and common content structure that allows for the integration of the content of the different websites. Thus to ease the navigation of the end-user throughout the entire website. To complicate matters further, the website had to built on the existing content management system and front-end components of the websites of the Swiss administration (AEM and Bootstrap). This without the possibility to fundamentally change the existing HTML-structure.

To avoid cropping and resizing thousands of images only the header image is given a fixed size. A light-box attached to those images allows to show all other images in their original size full screen on all devices.

Information architecture and modular toolkit
At the core the information architecture is centred on pages for the entries about recipients of a specific award and overview pages. The latter amalgamate what on the previous sites used to be single entries within the main navigation. Thus taking into account the changed user behaviour on mobile devices, altogether favouring in-page-navigation over navigation via the main navigation.
Together with the overall information architecture we provided guidelines for different content modules. The modular structure is built on principles of atomic design aiming to enable hierarchical consistency throughout the entire site by taking into account different contexts and viewports. The construction of the modules ensures consistency while allowing for enough variation to articulate differences where deemed necessary.
The visual language is restrained to allow the content to take centre stage.  Typographic choices where governed by the assumption that they have to work for all the different awards. Since each award keeps its own visual identity for campaigns and printed literature the overall visual language is deliberately kept neutral.

Examples of overview pages with aggregated content

More stuff

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