The newly designed headquarter of the property developer Horus is located within the Stanislavsky Factory, Moscow. Its most remarkable characteristic is the use of bright colours for the interior design.
The signage was developed with the intention to be a part of the interior design fit-out rather than to be navigational information. Pictograms are used in a large size to label all doors. In order to integrate these graphics well with the colourful interior they are applied with a glossy film against the mat painted doors. This resulting in a subtle but still well visible contrast in surface texture. To complete the signage a set of meeting room numbers and a labelling system for architectural models where developed.
Interior design by Casson Mann (photgraphy: James Morris)
The Fly Tower Wall
The so-called Fly Tower Wall is a mural spanning four walls. These walls separate the office from a small museum space dedicated to Konstantin Stanislavsky. Inspired by the fly-towers used for stage settings, the mural shows line drawings of the outer skins of famous buildings hanging down from ropes and chains. These drawings are applied with a glossy black film against the mat black wall.
Nick Bell Design
Scope of work
Environmental graphics
Interior design: Casson Mann
Bespoke typeface and pictograms: Dalton Maag

Production: Built Concepts, Endpoint

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