Initiated by the four partners Impact Hub Zurich, Engagement Migros, EWZ and Digital Switzerland Kraftwerk is a unique space fuelling innovation and collaboration. Located in a former power station in the heart of Zurich it aims to enable new partnerships between established companies and start-ups, who together aim to innovate sustainable solutions for the challenges of the digital transformation.
Together with Co-Lab/Impact Hub Zurich co-founder Grafik 2 SLT was appointed to conceive the overall brand identity.
From the outset we aimed to develop a visual identity programme that reflects Kraftwerk’s purpose of bringing different entities together. A visual identity that expresses involvement and collaboration. This while affording the flexibility to accommodate and interpret a diversity of content.
To achieve this we opted for a system and against a conventional logotype. Central to the concept is a wordmark contained in a flexible stripe. This stripe can take on different dimensions and engage in different relationships according to the content of single pieces of communication. Thereby it can connect, bridge between, meddle into, attach or frame entities.
Kraftwerk Logo by Studio Lorenz Tschopp
The wordmark is based on the typeface FF Mark, a contemporary typeface inspired by early twentieth century geometric sans serif typefaces. Thus referencing the history of the building; a former power station, now listed building from the early twentieth century and an icon of early modernist industrial architecture. To add conciseness some of the characters where redrawn. This by taking inspiration from alternative characters of historic versions of typefaces such as Futura or early typographic experiments from the Bauhaus, which both informed the development of FF Mark.
Research, initial workshop and ideation
Scope of work:
Identity concept & creation
Art direction
Project partners:
Grafik 2

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