Mon Salon Vert is young natural cosmetics brand with a mission. It provides its customer with high quality treatments in tune with nature. Thereby concentrating only on the essential while leaving out everything nonessential.

SLT was asked to develop the overall identity and subsequent visual language. This in a lean but sustainable manner to achieve a solid base from where the brand can develop and build its future.

In a series of workshop we helped to define the overall approach to the brand identity and subsequently developed the visual language. Where the central aspect is a series of images.
The logotype is composed of a wordmark and a symbol. These two elements can be combined differently depending on where and how the logotype is used.
work in progress

Scope of work
Identity concept & creation
Naming & claim
Image concept & art direction
Website design & implementation
Printed matter
Project partners
Photography: Daria Frick
Text and claim: Lena Maria Nasdal

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